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The Most Comprehensive Bowling Glossary Ever!
Striking Words is 478 pages, 2,400 entries, 700+ illustrations.

Striking Words Paperback Copies

Striking Words with Cover Customization

Order one for yourself, or as a gift for your favorite bowler, or buy in quantity and make some money!

Purchase paperback copies of Striking Words.

Discounts are available for multiple orders.

  • 3 or More = 10% Off
  • 15 or More = 20% Off
  • 30 or More = 30% Off
  • 50 or More= 40% Off

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Purchase copies of Striking Words with customized details for your business, organization or fundraiser.

  • 25-copy minimums.
  • $50 setup fee per order.
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Striking Words Electronic Flipbook

e-Book Coming Soon!

Portable, easily searchable, like having the physical book on your electronic device!

Visually Appealing, Searchable and Portable!

  • Like reading a physical book on your computer
  • Complete with all graphics and page-turning features
  • Fully keyword searchable
  • Allows for magnification

At your fingertips whenever and wherever you need the information.

Coming soon! A true e-book format of our book to take with you.

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